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Precision tinggi péso Asah mesin péso coét pikeun garis produksi lapis
Precision tinggi péso Asah mesin péso coét pikeun garis produksi lapis
Precision tinggi péso Asah mesin péso coét pikeun garis produksi lapis
Precision tinggi péso Asah mesin péso coét pikeun garis produksi lapis

Precision tinggi péso Asah mesin péso coét pikeun garis produksi lapis

mesin Ieu keur grinding péso lempeng tina mesin veneer peeling, clipper, log debarker, slicer, jsb LMD-MZ7115 tipe péso coét téh husus pikeun 4ft veneer garis peeling.
We adop casting iron frame without deformation and precision gear reducer running system. The head part of the machine is equipped with a fast lifting device,  it is more convenient and efficient to replace the grinding wheel. The copper screw and sucker make the machine much more durable and precise.


High precision knife sharpening machine knife grinder for plywood Knife grinder

Straight Chipper knife Grinding machine for Planer Shear Peeling blade Doctor Blade Sharpening equipment Tools with Water Cooled。


The machine is suitable for grinding industrial knives, such as chipper knives, granulator blades, veneer knives and paper cutting knives,Spindle Veneer lathe blades,Veneer guillotine shearing machine blades,Chipper machine blades,Crusher machine blades. and many more!


Suitable for Plastic industry Ply board and Wood Industries.
Suitable for Cardboard Industry Paper and Pulp Mills.Printing, Packaging & Allied Industries Matchbox Industry.
Suitable for Tyre Re-cycling Industry. Rubber Industry. Textile Industry.


Rotating magnetic chuck from 0° to 90°; Grinding motor 7,5 kW (7,5 HP); Segment holding ring Ø250; Variable carriage speed from 1 to 30 m/min with carriage run adjustment Programmable work cycles: roughing, finishing, spark-out; Longitudinal grinding head angle adjustment from 0° to 3°; Grinding wheel quick up and down approach, and slow down approach; Separate coolant collection tank fitted with 60 l/ min. motor pump.


Multitude of different material blades can be found on the market. Furthermore the blade are characterized by a high complexity.
To cope with the increased types of required blades on the market, Your machine should stand out thanks to a quick response to the permanently changing demands of the market.


The Knife grinder answers to all your wishes and is an enrichment of your production offering an infinite number of possibilities which can be achieved by the following aggregates (options) amongst other things: Fast grinding time setting.


Fast adjustment of blades and grinding wheels.
Adjustable motor speed Repositionable machine sides Cycled or continuous operating modes Special designs for your specific application.


The spindle motor is professionally made for grinding knife, with high precision and easy maintenance • chooses rack driving, so the grinding head travelling is smoother • Electronic stepping motor drive-shaft • Independent lubrication system for guide rail and spindle shaft • Different material blade use different grinding stone. • 35mm Taiwan linear guide rail, It can keep the smoothness of the walking and it has a long life span • High density electromagnetic chuck, strong suction.



mesin Bagian
Name:  CNC controller
Pengontrol CNC otomatis, gampang dioperasikeun sareng awét.

Ngaran: panel kontrol listrik
Sirkuit ilmiah sareng teratur, sadaya bagian listrik nyaéta GB startand. Urang ogé bisa ngadopsi Siemens bagian listrik nurutkeun requests konsumén.



Ngaran: Taiwan Shangyin Precision Linear Guide Rail
Mesin ngajalankeun langkung tepat sareng stabil, ogé umur panjang.

Nama: Sukur
Mamat tambaga langkung awét, sareng éta antirust.














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